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Dr. Mohamed Daif is a pioneer in both, online and offline tutoring; acquiring top notch technologies and staying up to date with high standard teaching practices and elaborative methods, which gives his students advantages and makes them steps ahead of traditional teaching methods which are still used by many schools and institutions all around Egypt.

Furthermore, our team is available for students inquires and questions all around the clock, giving them a full school-like experience; just a click away. 
But what gives us true diversity, is that we’re the first platform in Egypt to provide students with extensive online-based follow up to help cope with the ongoing crisis; we were the first to adapt a system simulating that of the pre-pandemic schools and centres; with weekly streamed lectures and assignments, in addition to quizzes and periodic exams, so that our students are provided with the utmost professional follow-up plan; one on one basis! 
Our team has welcomed thousands of students, and cultivated success rates and final grades of almost 2000 students yearly, providing academic achievements for Secondary Egyptian Certificate students all around Egypt!

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